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RapidAlbum Discontinued

I just learned today that RapidAlbum was discontinued back in November. It was a great plugin and its unfortunate that it will no longer be supported by Scott. Hopefully RapidAlbum will find a new home soon. Until then, you can safely skip the RapidAlbum section in Chapter 7.

How to Read this Book

I recommend that everyone (and that includes all you advanced geeks out there too) read the first 5 chapters of the book in order. These first chapters really lay the framework for build powerful website in RapidWeaver. All of the remaining chapters can be gone over in your leisure in any order that you like. The chapters are pretty well organized by topic. So if you want to learn about how to do something, simply locate the chapter on that topic and have at it!

Happy Reading!

Where to Buy

The book is available on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. However, Packt Publishing really has the best deal going for the book right now. If you purchase the physical book, you get the ebook bundle for free! The ebook bundle contains PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats. This way you can access the book from your iPad, Kindle, Mac or whatever other device that you may have. Of course, if you only want the ebook bundle, you can purchase just that as well.

The EPUB and MOBI formats were just recently released. Therefore, if you purchased the book in the first week of its release, you may only have the PDF. You can log into your account on Packt Publishing’s website and download all the ebooks again.

About this Site

This website should serve as a great companion to reading the book. Here are a few tips…

The Author

If you want to learn a little more about me and see my handsome mug, you can check out this page… :-)

Table of Contents

If you are still on the fence about picking up a copy of the book, they page will give you a very in-depth look into the contents of each chapter. You can also download the entire contents of chapter 4!

Book Updates

Technology is constantly changing and this blog will try to update readers on certain topics in the book. So if a new version of an add-on is released or YouTube changes how you can embed videos on a webpage, these updated tutorials will be posted here.

Links & Extras

As of today, this webpage contains a download to all of the RapidWeaver project files and code that was used in every exercise in the book. In the near future, this page will also contain links to all of the applications, add-ons and whatnot that were referenced throughout the book.

Got Questions?

As I pointed out in the book, Realmac has setup an amazing forum for all RapidWeaver users. I recommend that you post your questions and ideas there. The more RapidWeaver that use the forums, the more powerful they will become. So try to be active. If you help others, they will be more likely to help you in return.

I (Joe Workman, the author) do not have the resources to field every question that may arise from the book. Therefore, please don’t email my support desk with general RapidWeaver or web design questions. It’s not that I don’t want to help each and every one of you, I really would love to. Its just that I have not figured out how to clone myself yet. As soon as I figure that out, I would be happy to help everyone out. Until then, I you can also check out some great video tutorials and podcasts that are available on my site.

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